Sovereign Bubba (D8/CBD) - 1/8 oz
Overdue for some rest and relaxation but, the stresses of the day are still lingering? Look no further than our Sovereign Bubba Flower. Reminiscent of the ever-popular sedating strain, Bubba Kush, a session with Sovereign Bubba will have you tranquil and ready for Zen in no time.
Wanna know what your taste buds can expect when you sit down to partake? Users often report tasting strong earthy tones with terpenes such as alpha-pinene, myrcene and humulene.  You may also find hints of a spicy aftertaste, likely attributable to Beta-caryophyllene.  Over time, users report picking up various hues of flavor ranging from sweet to savory, such as chocolate to coffee flavors while enjoying a session with this strain.
Wondering what your mind and body can expect when you rendezvous with Sovereign Bubba?  This strain creates a more physically relaxing effect.  We encourage giving yourself the time and space to enjoy Sovereign Bubba in a safe atmosphere. As you wind down for the day, bedtime will not be far off.

Sovereign Bubba (D8/CBD) - 1/8 oz

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  • 36% D8, 11% CBD