Goliath (D8/CBD) - 1/8 oz
Looking for solace and a rampart from the “Goliaths of life?” Embrace the irony, and get acquainted with a gentler giant, while finding respite as you partake of Just Breathe’s Goliath Delta 8 Flower.  
Goliath lives up to its name.  Big things truly do come in small packages.  The nugs may be meager, but the citrusy tastes and fragrances from Goliath’s terpenes pack a punch. When evaluating this flower, its orange hairs and sweet, yet strong aroma set it apart.
Lay down your sword, take off your armor, leave the battlefield behind and cozy up with Goliath.  You’re sure to find relaxation right around the corner.

Goliath (D8/CBD) - 1/8 oz

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  • 5% D8, 10% CBD